Your press-on nail routine

How to apply your nails


  1. Wash and Sanitize your hands.
  2. Size and Align each nail bed with the press on nails that are included in your set that fits best from side wall to side wall.
  3. File each natural nail to even the length of your nails
  4. Push back cuticles with cuticle pusher provided
  5. Buff the shine off the tops of each nail
  6. Wipe natural nails and all press on nails you will be applying with alcohol pad provided
  7. Glue each nail one at a time. Apply a small layer of glue to your natural nail and a bead of glue in the deepest curve of the press on nail. The more glue that is applied the longer your set will last but be sure not to flood the nail with glue to avoid it bleeding onto your skin. Next, at an angle slowly align the bottom of your nail tip with the edge of your cuticle. Firmly hold your press on nail and natural nail together for about 30-45 seconds. 
  8. Stik-E tabs may be aligned individually onto each nail bed then follow the same steps as if you are gluing the nail when applying. 
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How to remove your nails

The gel press ons are best to preserve the health of your natural nails. To avoid damage to your natural nails avoid picking or peeling off your gel press ons. It is best to remove your press ons when they are naturally starting to separate from the natural nails. 

1. Warm Water removals are best to preserve your press on nails so you may reuse them in the future. Fill a bowl with water and place it in the microwave for about 60 seconds. Add a drop of hand soap and cuticle oil into the water. Now place each hand in the bowl until the nail bed softens and the glue/stick-E tab begins to break down. Now take your cuticle pusher and slide it between your cuticle and press on nail. Slowly rock your cuticle pusher back and forth from each side of your nail bed until the press on nail lifts and detaches. 

2. Acetone Soak-off  you may file off the top coat of each nail. Soak ten cotton balls with acetone and wrap your nails in foil. Wrap each hand in a warm rag to accelerate the process. Wait 10-15 minutes or until each press on nail dissolves. Wipe each nail bed with a cotton ball damp of acetone. 


Customized Sizing

You may have the option to buy pre made nails in a variety of sizes. Use the chart below to guide you on what size would be best for you.